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20th January 2007 Gullible's Travels Home Page

Re-launched back into the world at large again.

Gullible's Travels
20th January 2007 World Trip Page

World Trip page updated & corrected.

World Trip
20th January 2007 World Trip Mexico

Some more World Trip stuff, with a jaunt trough Mexico.

World Mexico
20th January 2007 World Trip Guatemala

Then onto Guatemala...

20th January 2007 World Trip Belize

...and finishing with the big chill in Belize.

20th January 2007 World Trip Fish Species Page

An illustrated list of the species that were daft enough.

World Species
20th January 2007 Future Plans Of A Waster

"Life is what happens while you're making other plans".

Waster (Now Removed)
20th January 2007 Danish Perch Fishing

Short jaunt in search of Scandinavian Tidal Perch.

Danish Perch
4th December 2007 Indonesia

Some pictures from beautiful Indonesia.

Indonesia Pictures
4th December 2007 Vietnam

Some pictures from a personal Tet Offensive.

Vietnam Pictures
13th December 2007 Malaysia Again

Back to East Coast Malaysia for some more Sailfish. Nice.

Malaysia Again
2nd January 2008 Danish Perch Fishing

Photos added for some more Scandinavian Tidal Perch.

Danish Perch
15th January 2008 Handsome C**t

Pictures of a rare species added.

Handsome C**t
4th December 2007 Northern India Pt. 1

India: a nation with one hand down it's pants and the other stuffed up a nostril. And that's just the bloke making your chapattis. Nice Mahseer though.

Northern India Part 1
2nd January 2008 Northern India Pt. 2 Northern India Part 2
24th February 2008 Northern India Pt. 3 Northern India Part 3
6th June 2008 Northern India Pt. 4 Northern India Part 4
18th October 2008 Mozambique

Fishing on Inhaca Island, in the Indian Ocean off Mozambique.

18th October 2008 USA West Side

A Wild West Wunabout in Nevada, Arizona & California.

Wild West USA
22nd July 2009 Indian Remacchi

Unfinished business with the Mahseer up in the Himalayas again,

Indian Remacchi
27th April 2010 This is England

Some photos from recent fishing trips here in the temperate.

This is England
27th April 2010 Heavens Above

We get a lot of sky over here in the Fens. Some snaps...

Heavens Above
27th April 2010 World Trip Tart-up

I've also tarted up all the pages on the site - including  generally beautifying the World Trip pages. Why? Because it's worth it.

World Trip Tart-up
September 2010 Malaysian Tomania

Back on the road again, and kicking off on an assault of the Giant Snakeheads on a revisit to Tasik Temengorr stuck up there in Northern Malaysia.

Malaysia Tomania
October 2010 Malaysian Taman Negara

An unsuccessful sojourn (good word) to Malaysia's premier ethnic theme park to try and snare a kelah, or Malaysian red mahseer. Tits up.

Malaysia Taman Negara
October 2010 Borneo Disaster

If Taman Negara was tits up, then Borneo pulled my pants down properly. Wrong wrong wrong.

Paddies in Borneo
January 2011 Indonesia (again) Part 1

Indonesia again, and battling away through mentalism on the lookout for GTs and the like.

Indonesia Part 1
January 2011 Indonesia (again) Part 2

An adventure to the outer stratosphere of Indonesia - a land I do not understand - somehow hoping to catch the mysterious Black Bass. I guess I got there in the end. Wherever that was.

Indonesia Part 2
January 2011 Western Australia

A massive fishing road trip up the beautiful west coast of Oz as far as the weather would let us.

Western Australia

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