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Just a page of stuff I put together showing the background by the waterside I've had in England. That is, until I discovered the delights of actually fishing in the sunshine. 

Roach, Rudd, Perch & grayling

I still rate Rudd as the most beautiful of our indigenous species, and having been lucky enough to see one or two large Perch and Roach, I can safely say that a big one of those on the bank is every bit as spectacular as any monster Carp or Pike- to an angler anyway. Even if your missus doesn't see the point.

Tench & Bream

Tench & Bream: As a pair, one of my favourite species, and one of my least favourite. I've always had a soft spot for Tench since I caught my first ever at about age 8 down the local river on a tiny piece of bread-paste. But Bream? Covered in snot and so sloth like it's a problem to keep a tight line on them at the net. Great.

Personal Bests: Rudd 2lb 12oz, Roach 3lb 6oz, Perch 3lb 13oz, Grayling... Small!

Personal Bests: Tench 10lb 4oz, Bream 11lb 3oz

Barbel & Chub

It's been a little while since I've done any Barbel fishing- save in recent times for a dabble on the Trent and a couple of days down on the River Wye (which I loved to bits). But a few years ago quite a bit of time was spent at the side of some of England's prettiest rivers- and that is why I clubbed Chub and Barbel together on one page, because the page really could have been entitled "fish that live in really nice places".


Carp. I've never had much affinity with them really. I enjoy fishing for them and I enjoy catching them, but that is probably because I feel like every one I have caught has been some kind of minor miracle! I have spent probably more blank hours after carp than any other species, scratching my head (and my arse) for days on end, wondering why I can't get them to take a bait. But then again, I've ended up catching a one or two nice ones.

Personal Bests: Barbel 14lb 3oz, Chub 5lb 12oz

Personal Bests: Mirror Carp 31lb 10z, Common Carp 35lb 12oz... Grass Carp 12lb 14oz!


I spent a few years on and off trying to get some Zander out of the Cambridgeshire & Norfolk drains and rivers such as the Relief Channel, The Middle Level, The Delph, The Old Bedford River, The Great Ouse, Popham's Eau, the Old River Nene, The Sixteen, Twenty and Forty Foot Drains and The Cut-Off Channel amongst others - with varying levels of success.


Over the years I have done a fair bit of Pike fishing around the country in various pits, drains, rivers and broads, and I've occasionally been lucky enough to catch one or two nice ones. The gallery of pictures shows a few of the fish caught by my friends and myself for your perusal.

Personal Best: Zander 14lb 12oz

Personal Best: Pike 32lb 8oz


Now obviously pretty they aren't, in the classic sense, but they have a charm (if you could call it that) all of their own... Hellish though, above all, they pull your bloody arms off! Which is always a big plus in my book. I wish they were more widespread, cos I would dearly love to get strapped into a few more of them. As long as I don't have to share a swim with 3 other people.

A Handsome C * * t

A rarity over here in Britain, but I managed to get some pictures for my website. Click left of here...

Personal Best: Catfish 47lb 2oz


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