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Just in case anyone wants to contact any of the people, places or organisations referred to on the site, I decided to add the list below.

Please note that this is only done to make life easier for anyone browsing the site. I can categorically state that no backhanders change hands as a result.

The door is always open though.


What they do...

Contact Links...

Pretty much whatever I'm told.

Johnny Jensen

A monster of a website with loads & loads of photos and articles on fishing and travelling all over the place, as well as aquarium photography. Occasionally turns out for SAS airlines...
Fishing Wild Magazine

Beautifully produced magazine from Australia with travel stories and great photographs from some of the most spectacular fishing locations all around the world. Subscriptions available to post worldwide.
  Specialist Angling Supplies
Unit 15
Hamburg Way
King's Lynn PE30 2ND

Tel: +44 (0) 1553 773409

Steve Younger. Serious Zander enthusiast, and wrote one of the very few books available specifically devoted to the species. Also useful if you want some steel or a shed putting up. Now King's Lynn tackle magnate at Specialist Angling Supplies, selling specialist tackle and guided trips in the UK and exotic locations abroad.

Steve still has a couple of boxes of his book left I think. You can get hold of him at the tackle shop link opposite to get one if you so wish. 

Amazon Angler

Long-time correspondent and massively experienced South American angler, Steve Townson - "The Fish Finder", and his Amazing Amazon Fishing Adventures. One day I might even make it myself...

East Anglia Sea Angling

Ian "Aitch" Holmes' fishing mad blog about chucking a line off the coast of bootiful Naaarfuk.
Himalayan Outback The Himalayan Outback Logo

Very professional and very experienced bunch organising camping, rafting, trekking and, most important of all, fishing trips up in the Himalayan bit of India. International nice-guys and all-round good eggs.
The Pike Angler's Club of Great Britain

Does what the name says on the tin... A club for Pike Anglers in Great Britain!
Dominic Pereira & Ian Pinto 

Fishzone Sportfishing

Fishzone Sportfishing. Arrange and guide fishing trips in Malaysia- Sailfish Soup a speciality. 

Chris Fox

Mostly rescues kittens from trees for Coquitlam Fire & Rescue. And the rest of the time, he seeks sturgeon (the clue is in the name...) in the Fraser River. "Interesting" video collection. Your top man for catching Salmon & Sturgeon from the rivers of BC. 

Sportfish Africa. Kerrie-Ann will sort out all your exotic fishing needs on the African continent or in the Indian Ocean. Contact her via the website...

Large UK based website with forums, links, articles and information on fishing from the UK and around the world.

Big website with forums, lots of information, a gallery and large online tackle shop.

Big resource for Lure and predator anglers.
coarsefishing.jpg (11028 bytes)

Links to fishing sites and articles from around the world.

Information & forums about sea fishing all around the UK and abroad.

Another big website with forums, all sorts of information and extensive online tackle shop.

Thousands of links to great freshwater and saltwater fishing sites. Guides, Charters, Resorts, Lodges, Clubs, Organizations, Fly fishing, Fishing products, Fish Species, Magazines, General fishing information and much more.

Big website with loads of info, news etc on all kinds of aspects of angling in the UK and abroad..

You want it? Then you can probably find a fishing site about it by searching here...
Top Fishing Websites at TopFishingSites.Com

... and if you can't find it there, then you can probably find here...

Morten Jensen

Designer of top of the range outdoor clothing for Geoff Anderson- a high quality Danish outdoor outfitters. Does not design hair styles.

Jean Francois Helias

Jean Francois (right) arranges and guides fishing trips in Thailand. 

Peter Staggs

Spanish fishing for Carp & Barbel.

Zander Angler's Club

Website set up and run by Phil Coupland with advice on tackle, tips and list of venues to catch them in the UK.
Jens Bursell

Travel and fishing guru from Denmark again, with a big website and vast experience from all over the place!

Dave Plummer

Used to be Planet Fishing, but now via Angling Direct holidays. Fishing trips all over the globe- India, Florida, Central & South America... you name it.

Red Lion Hotel

Accommodation & fishing rights on the River Wye at Bredwardine. Very nice.

Thorke Ostergaard

Biological guru. Huge database in his head of all kinds of flora and fauna. Also useful for changing light bulbs.

Claus Qvist Jessen

Travel/fishing photographer and sandal tester.

Sascha Welsch

Enthusiastic fishing nut. That about does what it says on the tin I suppose!

Zihuatanejo Sportfishing Charters

Boat rental and fishing charters from Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

Danish Delight

Interesting web site with a really nice photo gallery, and lots of bait ideas as well as carp & pike tackle etc.

Tailor Made

Flights and stuff to distant lands. Africa a speciality.

Go For It!

Ice fishing, snow scooter and adventure tours in Sweden.

Coarse Fisherman Magazine. 

Total Fishing website with loads of info, news etc on all kinds of aspects of angling.

Website with fishing articles and information from around the world.

Website with fishing articles, forums & information in the UK

Pike & Zander

Website devoted to Pike & Zander fishing in the UK

Predator Fishing website, along with the Homepage for Bainton Fisheries

Large UK based website with articles and information from the UK and around the world.


Huge UK based website with forums, reviews, articles and information from fishing the UK and around the world.

The website of specialist magazines Coarse Angling Today & Pike & Predators in the UK. 



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